Barbra Streisand and Perugino: a rose by any other name.

Barbra Streisand and Perugino: a rose by any other name OR Artistic Tangents and Film Festival Dreams

Join hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker in this week's episode of "The Insomnia Project," the podcast designed for insomniacs by insomniacs. Get ready to unwind as they delve into their recent outdoor film festival experience at the IncluCity Film Festival (ICFF). 

Marco and Amanda share their serene adventure at the ICFF, where they stumbled upon a captivating documentary about the legendary artist Perugino. As they recount the mesmerizing details of the film, they inadvertently embark on a tangent about the enchanting Barbra Streisand rose.

Sink into relaxation mode as the hosts intertwine stories of two iconic artists, allowing their soothing voices to transport you to a world of artistic wonder and tranquility. It's a perfect blend of leisurely conversation and the dulcet tones of two insomniacs sharing their love for the mundane.

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Tune in and let the comforting ambiance of this episode lull you into a restful slumber, turning insomnia into sweet dreams.

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