Productivity & Why Time Management is a Myth | Maura Nevel Thomas

In this episode we’re joined by Maura Nevel Thomas, an award-winning international speaker, trainer, and author on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance, and the most widely-cited authority on the topic of attention management. 

She helps driven, motivated knowledge workers manage their attention and regain control over the details of their life and work.  

Maura has trained thousands of individuals at hundreds of organizations (like Dell, Old Navy and L’Oreal) on her proprietary Empowered Productivity™ System, a process for achieving significant results and living a life of choice. 

Listen in to this episode for some practical tips on productivity, insight into the way your brain works and why 'attention management' is a much better framework than the age-old term 'time management' for driving productivity.

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Discover her latest book 'From To-Do to Done: How to Go from Busy to Productive by Mastering Your To-Do List'