Productivity & the 4-Day Work Week | Nicole Miller (People Ops Manager @ Buffer)

In this episode we tackle the topic of productivity. The traditional hallmarks of a productive workplace are changing – and it certainly has nothing to do with being present in a physical office 8 hours per day, 5 days per week anymore.

But what makes for a productive workplace today? If productivity is no longer just about ‘doing the hours’, how are innovative organizations seeing it?  

Today’s guest, Nicole Miller, is here to tell us about her company’s experience of moving to a four-day work week. Her company, Buffer (a social media management platform), has operated fully remotely for a few years now, and took the opportunity to test a 4-day work week during the pandemic.

The 4-day work week is a topic you may have heard about, but how can it actually work? Is it just another trendy gimmick, or could it hold a key to a more productive workplace? 

Answers to all that and more in this episode!

Find out more about Buffer and their approach to the 4-day work week in this article: