Candidate Experience (Part 2): How to Level-Up the Candidate Experience in 2021 (The HR Fundamentals Series)

A step-by-step approach to candidate experience, and a couple of inspirational stories.

Join your favorite 'HR Insider' and 'HR Outsider' as we go back to basics and run through 6 fundamental topics in HR over the next 6 weeks.

Welcome to Part 2 of our Candidate Experience topic in which we’ll share some serious 'Insider Actions' in the form of actionable tips to level-up the experience you're providing to candidates and applicants, and an example of two companies that are nailing things in the Candidate Experience department. 

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As mentioned in this episode, links to more reading below:

  • Our blog article summarizing the full episode:
  • Insider Actions step-by-step plan section:
  • Example section (Airbnb and;

Join us again on Monday 16 August as we get in to our third topic of this Fundamentals series, when we’ll be talking about the next part of the employee lifecycle - how to do remote onboarding. We’re going to give you everything you need to do it right in 2021!