Performance Reviews (Part 1): How to do performance reviews in 2021 (The HR Fundamentals Series)

What is a performance review? And what is it not?

Join your favorite 'HR Insider' and 'HR Outsider' as we go back to basics and run through 6 fundamental topics in HR over 6 weeks.

We're now onto our 4th topic in the employee lifecycle and in today's episode we talk performance reviews. We kick off this topic by answering a few questions: What is performance management? And what are performance reviews (or performance appraisals)? Why does it matter? Plus, a great ‘did you know’ section, followed by the ‘Outsider Outpouring’ and the debunking of three performance review myths.

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Full recap article of today's episode:

Definition section:

Did You Know section:;;

Myths, Stereotypes and Debunking section:

Join us on again on Thursday 26 August as we continue to talk about Performance Management in 2021, with a step by step plan on how to improve it from our resident HR insider Neelie – we call it our Insider Actions! And hear us talk about how a couple of really innovative companies have shaped their approaches to performance reviews.