The 'Work from Anywhere' Movement | Raj Choudhury (Associate Professor @ Harvard Business School)

2020 saw the huge majority of the world's knowledge workers go full-remote. And even if many are back in the office now (in some capacity), remote work is here to stay.

In the same vein as remote work, but taking a slightly different angle on it, is the 'Work from Anywhere' movement.

It's a topic our guest has been studying for many years.

Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, was studying the growing Work from Anywhere movement long before the Covid-19 pandemic forced many more of us into virtual work. In fact, he's the world's leading academic voice on this subject, and an evangelist for the possibilities it opens for employees and organizations.

He says that more and more organizations are adopting Work from Anywhere as a business strategy, one that not only reduces real estate costs but also boosts employee engagement and productivity. He acknowledges that there are challenges to creating and maintaining all-remote workforces but outlines research-based best practices for overcoming them. 

For more information check out Raj's December 2020 article in the Harvard Business Review on this topic: