Employee Wellbeing & Knowing Your People: the chnnl story

Employee wellbeing and mental health are more important than ever. Especially given the affect of lockdowns, remote work and ovewhelming stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic globally, these topics are coming to the very forefront of HR. Organizations must not just react, but be able to respond with long-term strategies that empower employees.

But do organizations really know how their people are doing? Do they have the processes and systems in place to actually get a sense of how their employees are coping through these unprecedented times?

Dr Elizabeth Berryman, founder of chnnl, joins us on today's episode. The business she founded, chnnl, is a wholly digital platform providing organizations with insights, information and data on employee mental health and wellbeing. It’s a truly innovative way for employers to understand the personal well-being of their people, and we were excited to find out more about how it works.

Find out more about chnnl at chnnl.app