WHY we started this podcast

After over 200 episodes and almost 4 years of the High Performance Podcast, Jake and Damian take a moment to rewind through the episodes. For any brand new listeners, this is your ultimate guide to the key High Performance moments.

Jake and Damian reflect on their favourite guests, biggest lessons and most memorable moments from the very start of the High Performance journey to the most recent episode. To begin, Jake and Damian explore the why behind the podcast. They delve into how their understanding of high performance has evolved over the years, from deep and honest conversations with the world's highest achievers.

Listen to the full episodes from the guests mentioned in this episode:

Tyson Fury: https://pod.fo/e/14ef0f

Steven Hendry: https://pod.fo/e/c12f9

Jonny Wilkinson 2020: https://pod.fo/e/9cca4

Jonny Wilkinson 2022: https://pod.fo/e/12f77d

Dame Stephanie Shirley: https://pod.fo/e/16a443

Eddie Howe: https://pod.fo/e/14d4d9

Christian Horner - https://pod.fo/e/cda02

Fernando Alonso: https://pod.fo/e/1e5849

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