Why optimism can be your secret superpower with Sahil Bloom (E241)

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This episode explores the foundational principles that have guided Sahil’s journey towards personal growth and meaningful relationships.

Sahil Bloom is an investor, entrepreneur and writer, known for his newsletter The Curiosity Chronicle. In this episode, Sahil discusses with Jake why prioritising important relationships over career-driven success has been a crucial and formative decision. Sahil expresses his belief that the beauty of relationships can be found in the struggle, through overcoming hardships with a partner, you can find a new, more deepened strength.

He shares his method to achieving personal goals, how to analyse whether you’re going in the right direction and the important of patience. They debate the concept of luck, and the difference between acts of God and luck that can be influenced by our actions and awareness. Sahil shares an innovative approach to goal-setting, by introducing the ABC method as a framework for managing expectations and driving progress. A represents the aspirational, B the baseline and C the critical must-do level.

This episode is a reminder that true success lies not in financial, or career, gain but in the immeasurable value we bring to our relationships and communities.

During the conversation, Sahil refers to an op-ed written by a man who'd lost his son to a rare form of epilepsy, you can find that here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/its-later-than-you-think-j-r-storment/

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