Why living Alcohol-Free unlocks High Performance, with Ruari Fairbairns (One Year No Beer) (E239)

Ruari Fairbairns is the founder of One Year No Beer, an initiative that provides challenges, coaching programmes, courses and support to anyone who's looking to change their relationship with alcohol. OYNB uses cutting-edge behaviour change science, a robust technology platform and has a highly engaged community. In this episode, Ruari shares the personal experiences that led him to question his relationship with alcohol and how reducing alcohol intake has changed his life.

They discuss the ways in which alcohol negatively impacts our lives and why we should all try to cut down on our consumption. Ruari breaks down and explains the myths behind alcohol like “red wine is good for you” and “a beer at the end of the day will help you relax”. With a wealth of insights, he discusses the pervasive effects of peer pressure and what we can all do to prevent it.

Ruari explores the impact of Covid-19 on alcohol consumption, revealing a staggering 20% increase in the United States. The conversation touches on the psychological and tribal aspects of alcohol consumption, and Ruari explores alternative tools we can utilise to manage stress effectively. Ruari offers practical insights on preventing alcohol abuse to ensure individuals never reach a breaking point.

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