Sarina Wiegman: “I don’t care about making mistakes” (E224)

In this enlightening conversation, Sarina Wiegman offers a profound perspective on what it means to be a successful coach, leader, and advocate for women in football.

This conversation was recorded at a sold out High Performance event in Sarina’s only UK appearance.

Sarina Wiegman is the coach that took the Lionesses to victory at Euro 2020. During this conversation, Sarina takes Jake and Damian through her career and the biggest lessons she has learnt along the way. From cutting her hair off at six years old so she could play football with the boys, to coaching a Euros winning team. They discuss what good leadership looks like and how personal connection with players and mutual understanding is top priority. Sarina offers her one key piece of advice to coaches, parents and leaders.

She delves into the plan she made for the Lionesses that shaped them into a winning team, whilst focusing on her key values; respect, growth and clarity. Not only do they discuss Sarina’s career in football, Jake and Damian also explore the greatest lessons from her personal life, including the benefits of silence and meditation, and her relationship with grief after the loss of her sister.

Sarina’s focus on people and her ability to connect and empower others serve as powerful lessons for anyone seeking to excel in their field and create positive change.

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This interview was recorded in front of a live audience.

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