Petr Čech: Record breaking goalkeeper on how to keep coming back stronger (E240)

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Petr Čech is a former professional footballer, regarded as one of the greatest Premier League goalkeepers of all time. During his 20-year career he played for Arsenal, Chelsea and for the Czech Republic national team. This episode is a deep dive into Petr’s illustrious career and the drive behind his unwavering consistency.

Jake, Damian and Petr discuss the concept of commitment and how daily improvement and learning are essential components of his routine. He reveals the steps he takes to ensure consistent peak performance, whilst highlighting that performance should not be solely measured by outcomes.

They explore Petr’s early days at Chelsea and his unique perspective on working with legendary manager Jose Mourinho. Petr provides insight into the intense training culture Mourinho instilled, making training emulate game days through rigorous repetition. Reflecting on the importance of fostering an honest culture within a team, Petr shares how this allows individuals to openly share their struggles. He also opens up about the near-fatal incident on the football pitch, recounting the moment he realised something was wrong.

Petr delves into his experience navigating managerial changes at Chelsea and how he successfully dealt with change. He reflects on his relationship with Arsène Wenger and the profound impact it had on his career. This episode explores resilience, commitment, and triumphing over challenges.

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