Looking back on the Champions League

To mark the Champions League final, Jake reflects on the conversations they have had with a range of guests about the Champions League. In this episode, you will hear from Jordan Henderson, Kieran Trippier, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Mauricio Pochettino among others about their relationship to the competition.

This final of the Champions League also a very significant game for Jake as it will be the last ever match he hosts on BT Sport, after a decade of presenting on the channel. He shares how he feels about the significant moment and his final time hosting a competition that many consider to be the pinnacle of the game.

Listen to the full episodes:

Rio Ferdinand: https://pod.fo/e/15914

Mauricio Pochettino: https://pod.fo/e/16521

Kieran Trippier: https://pod.fo/e/17a67f

Steven Gerrard: https://pod.fo/e/a33ba

Frank Lampard: https://pod.fo/e/136b50

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