Lessons From The Month with Dr Waheed Arian, Katherine Ryan, Fernando Alonso and Peter Attia

August was filled with perspective changing and vulnerable conversations about what high performance really looks like. Jake takes a look back at some of the key insights from our guests over the last month.

Dr Waheed Arian challenged Jake's ever-shifting view of what high performance really means, by sharing the obstacles he overcame when moving from war torn Afghanistan to the UK at age 15 to become a doctor. Jake and Damian discussed how our biggest mistakes can make for our greatest achievements, with comedian Katherine Ryan.

Formula 1 legend Fernando Alonso opened up about the true price of high performance, and Jake learns what Fernando would do differently a second time around. Our final guest of the month, Peter Attia, changed Jake's outlook on life with his idea of the centenarian decathlon.

Listen to the episodes mentioned:

Dr Waheed Arian: https://pod.fo/e/1ae402

Katherine Ryan: https://pod.fo/e/1df492

Fernando Alonso: https://pod.fo/e/1e5849

Peter Attia: https://pod.fo/e/1e7be5

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