Lessons from the month with Danny Drinkwater, Sarina Wiegman, Matt Fitzpatrick, Alex Albon and Shane Parrish

Reflecting on the guests they’ve spoken to in the month of November, Jake and Damian discuss the greatest learnings from each guest and how they can be applied to our everyday lives.

Listening back to the conversation they had with Danny Drinkwater, they dive into the biggest lesson he was taught during his career, including those by Sir Alex Ferguson. Author and blogger Shane Parrish was another impactful guest in November; Jake shares with Damian how the conversation with Shane has been impacting every day of his life since, specifically in terms of where he spends his time.

Jake and Damian also spoke to Matt Fitzpatrick about his strict method of practise and play. Matt went on to share the story of a text message he received from his personal hero, basketball player Michael Jordan.

At the beginning of November, Jake and Damian hosted an exclusive live event with Sarina Wiegman to celebrate the launch of her book. They think back to this special night and listen to the answer Sarina gave to an audience question.

The final guest of the month was Alex Albon, a conversation that took place in two halves, from discussing the most difficult moments of his career to how his life has transformed in the last few years.

Every month lessons offered by the guest on this podcast are utilised by Jake and Damian in their own lives, including leading with intention, knowing how to spend your time and respecting your teammates.

Listen to the episodes mentioned:

Danny Drinkwater: https://pod.fo/e/1fcb1b

Ole Gunnar Solskjær: https://pod.fo/e/21718

Shane Parrish: https://pod.fo/e/1ff000

Matt Fitzpatrick: https://pod.fo/e/2038f9

Alex Albon: https://pod.fo/e/205b4f

Sarina Wiegman: https://pod.fo/e/2013d6

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