James Milner: Turning doubters into believers (E229)

This conversation offers valuable insights into leadership, resilience, and the key components of high-performance teamwork.

James Milner is a professional footballer with a 21-year long career and over 600 appearances; currently playing for Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion. James shares with Jake and Damian how he has sustained his career, namely due to consistency and hard-work. Reflecting on the beginning of his career in early 2000s, James describes the 'old-school' values that shaped him – how cleaning boots earned him the right to be in the dressing room. He discusses how these common sense values have stayed present throughout his career.

They explore his role as a cultural architect, outlining how he sets high standards both on and off the pitch by being communicative with players and leading by example. James shares his experience mentoring younger players at clubs such as Liverpool, underlining the importance of respect and camaraderie within the team and why it is crucial to build friendships with players off the pitch. James highlights how he has developed his adaptability and how he navigates new environments, citing experiences working alongside football legends like Vincent Kompany. He also sheds light on his decision to leave Manchester City and the most difficult moment of his career.

James, Jake and Damian explore consistency, team-building, longevity and how to turn doubters into believers.

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