How to have a High Performance Holiday

Rest and relaxation is a key component of achieving high performance, but it often sits at the bottom of our priority list. In this episode, sponsored by British Airways, Jake and Damian explore the benefits of making time for holidays, how to recognise when you need a break and the key lessons they’ve learnt from taking time away.

Looking back at advice from previous guests, Jake and Damian discuss how we can prioritise rest. Joe Wicks shares how he utilises mini retirements to ensure he gets quality time with his family, and Peter Attia offers his technique to not over-working and much more.

Nearly 50% of employed adults don’t use their entitled annual leave; ensure you’re making time for yourself this year and book some time away to rest and re-engergise.

Special thanks to British Airways Holidays for partnering with us on this bonus episode, they are encouraging everyone to prioritise their well-being by taking their holidays seriously. Search for more.

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