High Performance Live: Tour Preview

This coming Sunday (4th Feburary) is the first night in our 2023 High Performance Tour!

In this episode Jake and Damian take you through what you can expect from the 2023 High Performance Tour. It is not your typical podcast show, each night is filled with music, audience interaction and industry leading experts.

Two of the tour’s special guests, Kye Sones and Owen O’Kane, join this episode to discuss their high performance journey. Kye went from touring the world one day to working on a building site the next. Owen O’Kane explores why it is so crucial to share stories of mental health and create a space for vulnerable discussion. 

Jake and Damian are also joined by Stephen Crocker, CEO of Norwich Theatre Royal and Creative Director of The High Performance Tour to discuss the importance of storytelling and how he approached creating a show with a high performance mindset.  

If you want to see us on tour, you can find tickets and more information here: https://www.thehighperformancepodcast.com/live2023

You can listen to the full episode with Owen here: 


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