Heavyweight boxer, Francis Ngannou: How I took responsibility for my own destiny (E238)

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Sharing his extraordinary life journey, Francis Ngannou delves into the layers of dedication, discipline and motivation it took to achieve his dreams.

A formidable force in both mixed martial arts and boxing, in 2021 Francis Ngannou became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. In this episode, Francis reflects on his childhood in Cameroon marked by financial instability, his parents’ divorce, and feeling like a “black sheep” in his community.

Francis shares how he was different from his peers at a young age, and how having his own vision of the world made his upbringing even tougher. He opens up about how creating an imaginary family provided the best coping mechanism to the loneliness he experienced as a child, and how this difficult upbringing provides constant strength.

At the age of 9, Francis began working in a sand-mine, before migrating from Cameroon to Paris at age 22 to begin his MMA and boxing career. Francis delves into what fuelled his drive and determination throughout those difficult but transformative years. He discusses how his life transformed after moving to Paris, allowing him to finally pursue his dreams.

Francis also reflects on losing his fight with Tyson Fury to a split decision, and how he sees it as a win. As he prepares for his upcoming fight with Anthony Joshua, Francis lifts the lid on his motivations and determination to win.

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