Gabby Bernstein’s self-care practice ‘Rage on a Page’ | Bitesize #85

These bitesize episodes focus on the greatest lessons we’ve learnt from the guests we've had on the podcast. 

This week we jump back to episode 107 with bestselling author, motivational speaker, podcast host and self-proclaimed “spirit junkie” Gabby Bernstein. Gabby shared with us her process of overcoming trauma. One effective exercise she described was ‘Rage on a Page’, based in the teachings of Dr John Sarno who wrote a lot about how our physical conditions are psychosomatic. 

Gabby’s ‘Rage on the Page’ practice sees you play bilateral music, which stimulates both sides of your brain, turn off all distractions and write out everything on your mind, dumping your sub-conscious fears.

Listen or watch the full interview with Gabby:

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