E196 - Kevin Sinfield: Why I’ll never stop fighting for my friend Rob

Kevin Sinfield returns to the podcast, after two years, to discuss how his career, mindset and approach to life has changed since Jake and Damian last sat down with him.

Kevin is a rugby coach, currently the defense coach for the England Rugby Union national team. In his career as a player, spanning almost three decades with Leeds Rhinos, Kevin played 521 games for the club, finishing with 3,968 points. As a coach, he was a key part of the World Cup management team that took England back to the World Cup Final in 2017.

In this episode, Kevin shares how Rob Burrow’s diagnosis has changed his life, including finding fulfilment, community and providing hope to others. He discusses his most important lessons as a coach and why it is so crucial to focus on empathy. Jake and Damian catch up on everything they’ve missed in the last two years, including how he gets through the most difficult days, the importance of family and overcoming micro-annoyances.

Kevin’s book The Extra Mile: My Autobiography is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Extra-Mile-My-Autobiography/dp/152990305X

Donate to the Rob Burrow Centre for MND Appeal: https://www.leedshospitalscharity.org.uk/Appeal/mnd-centre-appeal

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