E132 - Steph Houghton MBE (Re-Release): Breaking barriers to become a professional footballer

In December 2020, we had an amazing conversation with the current captain of England and Manchester City at the time - Steph Houghton. Unfortunately due to injury, Steph didn’t make the current Euros squad but she is known as one of the most recognisable faces in women’s football.

With the Women’s Euros in full swing, we are releasing this fantastic episode to highlight just how far the women’s game has come on, but what it has taken footballer’s like Steph to get to this point. 

In this episode Steph takes us through how she began playing football at a time when being a professional women footballer didn’t exist. She shares with us the objections and stereotypes she had to overcome as she worked her way up. Steph has seen the evolution of football first hand and the impact it has had on players and fans alike. 

This is a candid conversation about Steph’s experiences as a woman in sport and the importance of setting examples for the next generation and leaving them a legacy to follow. Steph shares with us her thoughts on being in the moment, striving for the perfect game and winning cultures in football.

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