E130 - ‘I AM…With Jonny Wilkinson’ Collaboration Special

We are extremely excited to have teamed up with Jonny Wilkinson and his podcast ‘I AM…’ to bring you a very special collaboration episode - revisiting our old conversation and exploring new ground. After such a phenomenal reaction to our first chat with Jonny (EP23), we wanted to return to the conversation after almost two years of reflection. Jonny is now the first ever guest who has appeared on the podcast twice! 

Jake, Damian and Jonny share clips from the archives and offer insights into some of the most impactful moments including Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Siya Kolisi, Mel Robbins, Rupert Spira and Bernardo Kastrup.  

You can listen to Jonny’s podcast every Tuesday and Thursday as he explores the remarkable transformations taking place within individuals. Jonny speaks with pioneers and thought leaders around the globe, as he wishes to redefine concepts of performance, purpose, leadership, health and well-being, relationships and human potential. Listen to ‘I AM’ here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/i-am-with-jonny-wilkinson/id1610549437

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