E129 - AJ Tracey: How my revenge list took me to the very top

AJ Tracey (Ché Wolton Grant) is a British singer-songwriter, producer, platinum selling and Brit nominated artist. AJ is known for his campaigns for justice, especially his ongoing support of Grenfell United. He was cited as one of the main reasons young people in his area of West London began voting. In this episode he shares the priceless opportunity his mum gave him by supporting him for a year to pursue music and how important that parental belief was. AJ discusses how confidence needs to come from within, his self-belief is what drives him - not outside sources.

Self-understanding and reflection is a crucial part of AJ’s career, rather than jumping at every opportunity he says he needs to “understand his own level” and not choose quick success over personal growth. He shares how important it is for him to return to Ladbroke Grove, where he grew up, and tackle poverty and inequality. 

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