E117 - Greg Hoffman: Harnessing the power of emotion to achieve high performance

This week’s episode is a conversation with Greg Hoffman, leader, creative and author. Greg worked at NIKE for almost 30 years, his last role being Vice-President of Global Brand Creative and Marketing Innovation. Greg shares with us how being a bi-racial man who was adopted by two white parents shaped his life. His relationship with NIKE first began when he saw they were the only advertising company, using people of colour in their advertisements. 

He offers not only what it takes to be a leader in a global brand, but how to be a great one. He has a focus on empathy, understanding and empowering others. To be a great leader, Greg argues that you should never compromise soul or personality, but get rid of everything else in your way. 

Greg's book 'Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons from a Life at Nike' is out now.

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