Danny Drinkwater: Why I’m walking away from football (E222)

Danny Drinkwater joins us on High Performance, taking this opportunity to announce his retirement from professional football. After an almost 20 year career, Danny takes some time to look back on his accomplishments, greatest lessons and biggest challenges.

After rising through the Youth Academy at Manchester United, Danny played for some of the country’s biggest clubs, including Chelsea, Aston Villa, and Leicester City. He takes Jake and Damian through his football career; from sitting on the bench at Manchester United aged 18, to being a key part of Leicester City’s Premier League winning squad. He shares the emotional rollercoaster of winning the Premier League, as well as the painful moment his Euro's opportunity was taken away. Having worked with legendary figures like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Alex Ferguson and Claudio Ranieri, Danny reflects on how they inspired and challenged him, both in his career and personal life.

Danny delves into what he believes makes a great football manager, emphasising the significance of personal management to bring out the best in players and build team momentum. They also discuss Danny’s difficult reality with mental health struggles, including dealing with rejection after new offers failed to materialise. Reflecting on his lowest point when he was arrested for drink-driving in 2019, Danny highlights the importance of mental health care and finding practical solutions to unhappiness.

This is a conversation about personal growth, overcoming the darkest moments and moving to a brighter future.

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