BITESIZE #72 | Jo Konta: Pain x resistance = suffering

This week’s special bitesize clip features the engaging and illuminating Jo Konta, former British No.1 women’s tennis player who won four singles titles, reached the semifinals of Wimbledon and rose to a world ranking of number 4. 

In this powerful clip we spoke about the loneliness of pursuing a path of excellence. The harsh, unforgiving spotlight of constant scrutiny and the struggle to maintain equilibrium and balance whilst engaged in the struggle to perform.


Jo shared with us a simple equation which helped re-ignite her passion and led to a significant step change in her performance…Pain x Resistance = Struggle


The more resistance to a challenge, the greater the struggle. Jo learned that when she began reducing her resistance and started seeing the benefits - what it was teaching her - the struggle dissolved.


Listen to the full excellent episode with Jo here: 

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