BITESIZE #71 | Aldo Kane - Lessons from the Edge

This week's bitesize comes from Aldo Kane, a trained Royal Marines Sniper, world record breaker and extreme TV adventurer. From a life spent abseiling into erupting volcanos in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rowing the Atlantic, getting locked in a bunker for 10 days with zero daylight... he has learnt that with the right head game, no matter how hard it gets, you can get through anything life throws at you.

Aldo joined us on the High Performance Circle (our free members club - link below) and took us through the lessons he's learnt from the very edge of human experience.

Aldo touches on his personal experiences with failure, worthlessness and doors literally slamming in his face, Aldo reflects on how he was able to rediscover his identity and harness his emotions to his advantage to find determination, purpose, and a renewed sense of belonging.

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