Ashley Cain: Drawing energy from a higher power (The Energy Equation E3)

Ashley Cain first rose to prominence as a professional footballer before appearing on various reality TV shows after his retirement. However, it was the tragic illness and later passing of his daughter, Azaylia, which led Ashley to have the most impact. During her battle with cancer, Ashley and Azaylia’s mum, Safiyya, raised over £1 million in 24 hours for her health care. When she passed away at just 8 months old, Ashley and Safiyya set up ‘The Azaylia Foundation’, which supports families and provides memorable experiences for children fighting cancer. Ashley now takes part in fundraising challenges to raise money for the foundation, challenges the limits of human endurance in memory of his daughter.

In this episode Ashley reveals how his unconventional lifestyle allows him to unlock the energy needed to accomplish his challenges. His results contain some big surprises about what the body is capable of, and where we’re able to draw strength from when our usual sources run dry.

"The Energy Equation" is an enlightening series that delves deep into the intricate relationship between energy, fatigue, wellbeing and our daily actions. Brought to you by the team behind the award-winning High Performance podcast, we unlock the secrets of movement, sleep, nutrition, and stress management, exploring how these crucial factors shape our overall energy levels. We’ve equipped guests with one of the most advanced energy monitors in the world, to gather precise data they can’t hide from, which is revealed for the first time, during the recording.

Hosted by Physiologist and Lifestyle Specialist, Oli Patrick, each episode features compelling conversations with highly accomplished individuals exploring how their energy levels affect performance in their field and in their day-to-day lives. Through personalized feedback based on personalized stress, sleep and fitness data, Oli meticulously examines the unique strategies employed by our esteemed guests to effectively manage their energy and unleash their full potential, while providing valuable insights and practical recommendations for further enhancement.

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