E172 - Adrian Gore: Building a business empire on a core purpose

Adrian Gore is a businessman, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of multi-billion dollar company Discovery Holdings with 40 million customers around the world. Discovery is the parent company of Vitality. The Vitality Programme is the world’s largest incentive-based health promotion programme designed to encourage and reward people for having good lifestyle habits with a focus on prevention and wellness instead of curative care. Discovery was names in the top 5 companies changing the world by Fortune Magazine.

Adrian talks about taking risks, achieving potential, the power of purpose and why you should avoid egotistical people. “IQ divided by ego must be much greater than one!”

This is a special bonus episode you can hear in full on our premium service High Performance Plus. Sign up (there’s a free trail) and get ad-free podcasts and exclusive bonus content - https://highperformanceplus.supercast.com. In the extended version on High Performance Plus - Adrian discusses the power that comes from setting yourself a goal for realising your full potential, something he is putting into practise by setting himself the challenge of running a 5-minute mile at 58 years old with expert guidance from Lord Sebastian Coe. 

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