5 Key Lessons From Within The England Camp

As we approach the last 16 of the World Cup, Jake and Damian jump into the rich archive of guests and bring out the key lessons learnt from the people who have featured in World Cup football including Gareth Southgate, Glenn Hoddle, Pippa Grange, Gary Lineker and Eric Dier.

Whatever happens over the next 2 weeks, we know that there will be judgements and opinions offered on why teams succeed or fail. 

Let’s hear from the people who provide fascinating insights into what really happens at the sharp end of the competition.

 Listen to the full episodes:

Gareth Southgate: https://pod.fo/e/d03b5

Glenn Hoddle: https://pod.fo/e/1249b3

Gary Lineker: https://pod.fo/e/12b34c

Pippa Grange: https://pod.fo/e/10bc10

Eric Dier: https://pod.fo/e/1027e4

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