Aloof Nerd or Straight Up F**Kwit


WeWork tells investors it lost $3.2bn last year as it woos them for Spac deal 

WeWork is back and plans to go public via a SPAC merger. The paperwork shows the company lost $3.2B last year, which compares with a $3.5B loss in 2019. occupancy rates fell to 47 percent at the close of 2020, a drop of 72 percent from the start of the year. Will there be a co-working comeback?  

Richard Stallman returns to the Free Software Foundation after resigning in 2019

“Stallman also had a long history of iffy behaviour that often crossed the line between aloof nerd and straight up fuckwit.” The Sizzle… 

And a number of FSF members have asked he be removed again 

Free software advocates seek removal of Richard Stallman and entire FSF board

Facebook is cool with you threatening to kill a public person 

Facebook guidelines allow users to call for death of public figures

Apple Wants Epic Games' Australian Lawsuit Thrown Out of Federal Court

Among many arguments made, Apple argued that the cases between Epic and Apple are so similar in both California and Australia that it should be settled in the jurisdiction originally agreed upon by the two companies.

Super Nintendo World review: sensory overload

This is the first place i want to go to overseas 

OnePlus Watch has 14-day battery, $159 price tag

Not running Android Wear, but a proprietary system 

Nintendo’s fancy new switch still using off the shelf products - upscaling 

OLED Nintendo Switch reportedly uses new Nvidia chip with DLSS support

Why does the homepod have temperature and humidity sensors? 

HomePod mini reportedly includes room temperature and humidity sensor, could be enabled through software update

Butterfly keyboard class action 

Judge certifies class action lawsuit against Apple over infamous MacBook butterfly keyboard

Ted Lasso wins writers guild 

Ted Lasso wins big at Writers Guild...

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