Special: The Erratum of Algorithmical Alphabets

The interseason mayhem continues with our first ever all-streaming special, in which our prodigal children return. Season one contestants Anna and Amanda are joined by season four contender Neil for a quiz all about content you’ll find on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and anything with a ‘plus’ in its name. Cinematic poetry, mashed up TV shows, and a tight lightning round make this episode a can’t-miss!

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Episode Notes

🗒 Brackets and full episodes notes can be found on this episode's page on USAQuizShow.com

🤖 Other robot voices in Mitchells versus the Machines include Olivia Colman and Conan O'Brien

🦸‍♂️ Zack Snyder's Justice League winds up at 4 hours and 2 minutes, but has zero minutes of joy.

🍪 This oatmeal raisin cookies scorebreak. Oatmeal Raisin cookies: while they may give chocoholics trust issues, they’re great cookies, and can conceivably called good for you.

🦚 Yes, Peacock had more subscribers than Hulu in July 2021, just barely, and maybe just because of the Olympics.

👴🏻 The "Vin Diesel is the same age as Paul Giamatti" scorebreak. Vin Diesel is the same age as Paul Giamatti. Look it up, it's true.

👹 Peter Serafinowicz actually recorded the Darth Maul voice for Solo, but the lines didn't make it into the movie for some reason.

🤠 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs got three Oscar nominations in the named categories, but didn't take any of the wins. Many were surprised that it was considered an "adapted" screenplay, but it was based on two early 1900s short stories, one of them by Jack London.

🚪 It's mostly forgotten, but the Doom Patrol did get a back door pilot in Season 1, Episode 4 of Titans.

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