Special: On The Podcast, With The Microphone, By The Host

It's an all Halloween and horror episode for Spooky Season here at The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show! We've got Garon Cockrell from Never Not Funny, Kate Sanchez from But Why, Tho? and Joe Reid from This Had Oscar Buzz testing their knowledge about classic and contemporary spooky entertainments!After a debate about exorcisms, we'll test recognition of pop culture murders, recount the career of Mike Flanagan, and and parse out confusion with some horror movie mash ups!

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Episode Notes

 🗒 Brackets and full episodes notes can be found on this episode's page on USAQuizShow.com

 🎹 Our Halloweenized theme is from the nimble fingers of our host Taylor Cole

 🤫 Both Kate and Joe independently chose Scream's Gale Weathers as their pop culture champion so we asked them both to pick another character.

 🏰 Wait, why are there armadillos in Castle Dracula?

 🕵️‍♂️ Weird, dark versions of Clue are a real thing

 🧠 Why so many abandoned mental hospitals?

 ⚾️ The little league coach being attacked by a soda machine isn't even the craziest thing in "Maximum Overdrive"

 ⚡️ Is it mean to keep bringing the great Max von Sydow's campy role in "Flash Gordon"?

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