Special: Mark & Sarah & Taylor Talk About Songs

Before we start season 5 we’ve got a few special episodes for you starting with the hosts of the Mark & Sarah Talk About Songs podcast. Plus some other people. And some quizzes.

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Episode Notes

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🔪 Get your true crime fix at Sarah's Exhibit B. Books store

👖 Dan wasn’t kidding about Kidz Bop changing "Ripped Jeans/Skin was showin’" to "Ripped Jeans/Smile was showing" in the pretty tame Call Me Maybe

🥤 “Stop, wait a minute / Fill my cup, put some water in it” is from the Kidz Bop version of Uptown Funk. Somehow, the reference to Skippy peanut butter is in both versions.

🦕 The Life Scorebreak… Life, it, uh, finds a way

💃 Wilson, Keppel and Betty (well, Bettys – they went through several) were famous for a sand dance (they threw sand on the stage) where they pretended to be Egyptian. That might sound a little thin for a famous act, but they were well known enough to have infuriated Goebbels.

🪶 Does Every Breath You Take actually draw from the 1836 Robert Browning Poem Porphyria's Lover? You be the judge!

🎞 The Last Guardian Scorebreak: The Last Guardian. That trailer was amazing, I just can’t wait until it finally comes out.


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