Special: Have it Yule Way

Two returning faves and one new challenger join us for our first ever December holiday special episode! Amanda, Gerald, and Megan have decked our halls with holiday trivia goodness. Round one kicks it off with identifying fictional holidays from TV shows and specials, before we pile on the legal jargon for our favorite big Christmas movies, inspired by the mumbo jumbo in The Santa Clause. Then we really ring in the season with a fun crop of lightning round topics!

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Episode Notes

🗒 Brackets and full episodes notes can be found on this episode's page on USAQuizShow.com

🏳 In case you need a refresher for Dan's awful Christo joke

🌌 Bizarrely, they made another Star Wars Holiday special about Rey celebrating Life Day in 2020

🤮 And you can get the official "Life Day" cookbook, so you can make your own mudhorn eggnog.

💦 The Alf holiday Fappiano makes more sense when you realize that they were just naming if after one of the show's puppeteers.

🦵 The Hackensack Kicky Sack Socko Sack Kicker Scorebreak. The Hackensack Kicky Sack Socko Sack Kicker: Co makers of Khaki Kicky Sacks! Now hiring six sitting sheet slitters for sheer synthetic sheepskin!

🐭 Brain, from Animaniacs originated the Hackensack Kicky Sack tongue twister. Now, it's used as practice for voice actors.

🐸 The song "The Love is Gone" was originally cut from A Muppet Christmas Carol for being too emotionally sophisticated.

🗿 Dan is pretty much contractually obligated to note that they filmed parts of The Family Stone at the University he teaches at.

🛸The Pia Zadora scorebreak. Pia Zadora: she was in Santa Claus conquers the Martians, and she must have been great in at least one movie, or they definitely wouldn't have given her a Golden Globe, right?

🎸 I don't think we really want a Springsteen Christmas album, given his track record on holiday songs.

🔔 John Pierpont wrote "Jingle Bells," originally called "The One Horse Open Sleigh," from his home in... Georgia?


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