S05.E01: Just Plane Crazy

Season five has begun! A brand new cabal of 27 pop culture know-it-alls have thrown their hats into the ring, and are ready to show their stuff! We'll kick off the bracket with new players Nate and Seth, playing alongside Sean (returning from season one, and our music theatre special). We've got a tribute to the great trailer voiceover artist Don LaFontaine in round one before taking to the skies in round two as we test our players' memories of movies and tv set on airplanes. And as (almost) always, it all comes down to the lightning round!

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Episode Notes

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🛹 Sean didn't mention it, but in Marc Webb's Spider-Man movies, Peter Parker actually is a skateboarder.

🎥 This week's round one is only a small sample: Don LaFontaine recorded more than 5,000 trailers (including basically every movie in the 90s).

🥷 The biggest question about the "Street Fighter" movie is how they got Raul Julia to agree to do it in one of his last screen roles.

🐔 The "Sacrificial Chicken In The Market In The Counter-Strike Map 'Italy'" Scorebreak. The sacrificial chicken in the market in the Counter-Strike map 'Italy: Bock! Bock!

✈️ Oceanic Airlines has also been featured in many shows, in the form of re-used footage from "Executive Decision," including episodes of "Diagnosis: Murder" and "JAG."

🐍 It's a common trope, but reptile vision isn't actually based on movement.

🪦 The plane crash in "Final Destination" is especially gruesome because it was based on the real life crash of TWA Flight 800, and even uses footage from that real life crash, as well as the detail of a high school French club being on board.

☀️ The pilot episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is called "The Gang Gets Racist," though some argue that a earlier short film should be considered as a pilot.

📅 The "Du Jour" Scorebreak. Appropriate, because Du Jour means scorebreak.

📺 The story behind the Quibi show Dummy is was more interesting than the actual show, Dummy.


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