S04.E11: Group Shot

The Calisota Division finals have arrived! Returning players Dave, Kari, and Kevin have all brought their A-game to this playoff match. After stranding their champions on a desert island, we identify title groups from movies and TV by the actors who played their members. Then, in round two, we test the scientific accuracy of our favorite pop culture properties through the lens of which got the Mythbusters treatment. Another close lightning round closes out an absolute nail-biter!

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Episode Notes

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🦛 We don't get enough Moomin content in the US, but they've been the subject of numerous television series, films and have two theme parks devoted to them.

🍒 The backstory of George Miller casting Cher in The Witches of Eastwick is... not great. Because at 40, in 1987, Jack Nicholson thought she was too old!?

🤢 The "Shrek is Bad" Scorebreak. Shrek is Bad: And we stand with Scott Tobias.

⏳ The Samuel Beckett Scorebreak. Samuel Beckett: The name that put Time Travel and "Endgame" together before it was cool.


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