S04.E09: What's Opera, Doc?

We might as well be called The Great American HIGH Culture Quiz Show this week! After we dispense with a childish but delightful round of My Champion, Stefanie, Jessica, and Andrew take on trivia rounds about swanky opera versions of popular movies, before kicking into some chronological arrangement of period pieces. Here, knowledge of history is just as important as pop culture recall, so it’s all VERY serious. A strong lightning round closes out the regular season, and propels us into the playoffs, which kick off next week!

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Episode Notes

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🪰 Yes, there's an opera of Cronenberg's The Fly...

🪓 ...and of The Shining.

🧙‍♀️ The Mimi and Elphaba Scorebreak: because we all know the show would be better if they died like in the original source material.

🎭 This scorebreak is brought to you by Ariadne auf NaxosAriadne auf Naxos: hey, you got your Commedia dell'arte in my opera seria! And you got your opera seria in my Commedia dell'arte!


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