S04.E08: Scooby Who?

This week, we welcome Renee, Kevin, and David to the show for all manner of fanciful framing for pop culture trivia. First, the gnomes from season two return with even MORE groan-worthy titles to fill out their kooky cinematic universe. Then, the gang from Mysteries Inc. bring out their famous friends with an audio round about Scooby-Doo celebrity guest stars. All this, plus a lightning round seal up the playoff roster for the Calisota division.

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Episode Notes

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🏚 There is some controversy about whether Todd Phillip's movie Frat House is actually a documentary, which is why it was permanently shelved by HBO.

📹 While Home Movies started out in Squigglevision, later seasons were animated in Flash.

🐲 For a lot of people, Matthew Lilliard is now best known for his line of Dungeons & Dragons merchandise.

⏳ Yes, the Malcolm McDowell Scooby-doo episode was an extended riff on the 1979 movie Time After Time.

☄️ The Armageddon is a Disney Movie Scorebreak: apparently, Armageddon is a Disney Movie now.

🎼 This scorebreak is brought to you by fixed do. Fixed do: pitch arrangement for people who never bothered to just learn the alphabet.


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