S04.E07: The Town & The City

Note: There was a 3-question audio gap during the lightning round in the original file uploaded. It has been fixed but you may need to delete the original file and re-download to get it if you already downloaded the first. Sorry about that.

A couple of old favorites resurface in new forms on this week's episode. Jeff, Dave (not that Dave) and Shannon have a few pop culture trivia challenges ahead of them this week, starting with the return of the Vennding Machine. Can they name the song name from the names of two artists who both have songs by that title? The answers may drive you insane. Then, we'll bust out our atlas of fictional locales and ask our players to ID some locations in it from some descriptive details. Then it all comes together for the lightning round. Don't miss it!

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Episode Notes

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4️⃣ The Fantastic Four was originally set in the fictional "Central City," but they moved to New York very quickly.

🧛🏻‍♂️ Shannon might be the only person who remembers 2014's Dracula Untold, the first attempt to make a Universal monster universe.

😩 It's time for the mid-budget studio dramas for adults scorebreak. Mid-budget studio dramas for adults: Scorebreak not found.

🦚 This scorebreak is brought to you by NBC. NBC: the network that will air 1000 crime procedurals but cancels Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist-its one show about love and music.


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