S04.E05: Conclusions Of Contentment

A last minute substitution doesn't faze our players one bit in this week's exciting match. Aaron and Kari are joined by returning contestant and friend of the show Tara Ariano for a highly competitive brawl. We begin at the end this week with a round one about the details of happy endings of movies and TV. Round two drives PAST the endings and into the world of misbegotten movie sequels. Spoiler alert: some of these movies are truly deranged. And as per uzhe, we close it out with an intense lightning round.

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Episode Notes

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🗳 The ending to "Election" could have been much, much different.

🎨 The Knox Harrington Scorebreak. Knox Harrington: He’s a video artist [Dan laughs maniacally]

👔 This scorebreak is brought to you by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich: his name is already the punchline.

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