S04.E04: The Mirror Has Three More Faces

Characters are VERY welcome in our games today as Dan, Ian, and Colin square off for trivia all revolving around overlapping personalities.

In round one, we bring back "The Mirror Has Three Faces" for a game where they name the iconic character from three actors who have all played them.

Then, in round two, we change it up a bit by merging famous movie quotes said by the same actor in different roles. All this, plus the lightning round!

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Episode Notes

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🤑 If, like Dan, you don't know who Matthew Macfayden is, he's Tom Wambsgans on Succession.

🌏 Siam was the proper name for Thailand until 1939.

👗 No discussion of Scarlett O'Hara's dress in Gone with the Wind would be complete without a mention of Carol Burnett's version.

📉 The Robert California Clearly The Best Boss On The Office Scorebreak. Robert California, clearly the best boss on The Office: if they didn't want him to be magnetic, they wouldn't have cast James Spader.

🏠 The Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Scorebreak. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: a show we just aren't gonna make a joke about.

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