S03.E08: Get Stuffed

New players Dylan, Andy, and Kiiva join us for another round of pop culture trivia this week as we make our way through season five. We'll kick things off in round one with a game about pop culture properties and pop culture people who share an exact name, before heading to one of our most commercially crass games ever. It's a trip to the mall to identify the pop culture origins of animals you can get at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. And there's still some surprises in store as we make it to the lightning round!

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Episode Notes

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🪶 Unfortunately, there does not seem to have been an English language TV or movie version of Aristophanes' The Birds, but he is credited as a writer on Spike Lee's Chi-Raq.

🥚 The 1927 film Almost Human sounds weird, but the movie's tag line only makes it worse: "An unusual, novel, absorbing photo-play with a love theme exquisitely developed, and as full of action as an egg is of meat."

🥧 The Rhubarb Pie Score Break. Rhubarb pie: a top three all-time pie.

🧸 The One Direction Build a Bears had a terrifying number of accessories available.

👺 There are actually two different Deadpool Build-a-Bears, and the Panda one is cuter.

🦝 Is Tom Nook from Animal Crossing evil? When there are hot takes in national newspapers saying he's not, I think we have our answer.

🛠 The Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor scorebreak. Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor: [GRUNT]

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