S03.E07: Whatever Floats Your Quote

Frankly, my dear...it's a new episode! Shared surnames and classic movie quotes take center stage on this week's competition, where competitors Kate, Lauren, and Molly are ready for their close-ups. In round one, they'll call me Mister Tibbs as they identify the common surnames between notable characters and actors. Then, I'll be back to test their knowledge of quotes from the AFI's "100 Years...100 Movie Quotes" list, one word at a time. And while only one winner can be declared, this whole episode looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Episode Notes

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 🥄 We didn't give his name in the game, but the spoon-bending (fake) psychic in round one is Uri Geller.

 💃 A "Juke Joint" is a thing; it's an informal club with music, booze, dancing and often gambling, sometimes referred to as a "barrelhouse."

 🚀 Another correct answer for who said "May the Force be with you" in Star Wars would be General Dodonna, played by Alex McCrindle (and Ian McElhinney in Rogue One)

 💯 TC Tuggers: they're not a joke, you don't wear them to pub crawls like you do with the Snuggie.

 💯 The Paris Review: because who else is going to publish an article called, "The Ontology of Circus Peanuts."


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