S03.E05: Yippee-ki-yay, Mr Falcon!

Get your bleep buttons ready, then throw them away for this week! That's because after Trip, Tanya, and Valerie figure out how their champions would deal with shenanigans from a mirror universe, they'll name movies by the sanitized-for-TV versions of iconic profane dialogue. Low culture yields to high culture in round two when we look at real-life, peer-reviewed academic studies of our favorite pop culture, and try to make sense of what those bigwigs in their ivory towers think they know about. Stick around for when it all comes down to the lightning round. While you're reading this, hop on over to get some great TGAPCQS bonus content by subscribing to our Patreon page! You can get extra trivia content in the form of one-off play-at-home games, as well as upcoming "Golden Ticket" episodes exclusively for our Patreon players!

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 🦕 The Flintstones comic scorebreak. The Flintstones comic: for when you want a story about a vacuum cleaner to make you cry.

 🔎 For the record, there was a Moriarty in Sherlock Gnomes, voiced by Jamie Demetriou (but voice actors didn't count for the threequalizer)

 😡 The Karl Ove Knausgard scorebreak. Karl Ove Knausgard: he's got issues with all you people, and now you're going to hear about them.

 🏰 Yes, Jerry Zucker directed the King Arthur drama First Knight. No, we didn't know that, either.

 🪆 The two Barbie comics that ran for most of the 90s were Barbie and Barbie Fashion.

 🏈 Somehow, NFL Superpro is only the second-worst football-based comic Marvel ever published


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