S03.E04: Eat The Rich

We're back in the Cellular Division this week with parentheticals and, meals for the wealthy. After Alexis, Dawn, and Emma's champions navigate the workday with a massive hangover, we identify songs and movies JUST from the parts of their titles that appear in parentheses. In round two, we'll flip the script on "eating the rich" with a quiz about the meals served to wealthy characters we love and love to hate. And as always, we'll cap it off with a cutthroat lightning round. Don't forget to join up with our Patreon feed for all kinds of bonus goodies, like solo quizzes and access to live zoom game nights with the whole TGAPCQS team!

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Episode Notes

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 🐛 You couldn't hear it in the episode, but upon mention of "Human Centipede," everyone on the episode simultaneously gag a little.

 💯 The "spontaneous Barrett's Privateers singalong" score break. The "spontaneous Barrett's Privateers singalong." Oh, Canada.

 🌶 Virginia Potts is known as "Pepper" because basically, all Stan Lee characters have the same first and last initials.

 🦤 The "rare songbirds" meal is a reference to Ortolan , the eating of which is considered so much a sin that diners cover their heads before consuming it to hide from the eyes of God.

 😏 "Morgoth's Taint" is a real concept from "The Hobbit." Get your mind out of the gutter.

 💯 The Fortnite Dances scorebreak. Fortnite Dances: it's what the children like! Wait, that was last year? It's sea shanties now? Is that what the last one was about?


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