S02.E02: Marge Excitable's The A.V.-ary Club

We're quizzing on bird puns and director filmographies this week with none other than Grierson & Leitch! Joined by Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh, they all soar through a test of their knowledge of pop culture with bird names in their titles (think One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest). After that, they'll stretch their chronological memories to remember the orders in which notable directors released their movies. They'll cap it all off with some tailor-made lightning rounds featuring action cinema, computer whizzes, and a certain Chicago rock outfit.

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Episode Notes

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 🏹 Disney's Robin Hood is a fox by multiple definitions, which has led to some confusion among viewers.

 📺 WOW Presents Plus

 🏎 The Wachowski's Speed Racer is good, actually.

 🧨 Katie's Women Of Action series at Mel Magazine.

 💿 For "which Wilco album was the first to feature Mikael Jorgensen," we would have also accepted The Wilco Book. Although the supplemental CD that came with Wilco's book about themselves was produced by and includes performances by Jorgensen, it is not really a proper studio album, and was made before Jorgensen joined the band officially for the recording of A Ghost if Born.

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