S01.E08: Disney Minus

This week, it's Disney minus the weird, dark and creepy stuff they left out of their animated adaptations.Before that however, our players will speculate on the birthing techniques of their favorite characters, and then try to name the common character from a list of three different actors who have played them. Then as promised, it's on to "Disney Minus," where players identify the differences between their favorite Disney classics and the less-wholesome stories that inspired them. Absentee fathers! Shootings! Death! Death! Death! As always, there's a Lightning Round, and a special challenge for the listeners at home!

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Episode Notes

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 🤪 Before playing Richard Nixon, John Cusack got to know him not by reading books or anything, but by talking to Hunter S. Thompson.

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 🧜‍♀️ The original Little Mermaid is rough: "Well, have you lost your courage? Stick out your little tongue and I shall cut it off. I'll have my price, and you shall have the potent draught." ¶ "Go ahead," said the little mermaid.

 🐭 We know: the full name of the organization Ms. Bianca works for in The Rescuers is the "Rescue Aid Society."

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