S01.E07: Half & Halftones

It's a cavalcade of comic book crossovers and pop culture rhymes in this week's competition! After a rousing round of My Champion, Bobby, Stephen and Susanna test their knowledge of crazy comic book crossover events that brought together unlikely characters and properties. Then, it's on to a rhyming game, where from a mashed up description, players parse out the two rhyming TV show and movie titles that have been combined. All that plus a Lightning Round and the At-home Version riddle for you to solve!

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Episode Notes

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 💥 The crossover comic book Batman/Elmer Fudd is pretty great, actually

 🤺 Django/Zorro was co-written by Quentin Tarantino, and is under development as filmed sequel to Django Unchained

 🥜 Knowledge is power! Learn and protect yourself from circus peanuts!

 😴 The plot of The Big Sleep is confusing enough that screenwriter William Faulkner (!) had questions about it, but reports have been exaggerated over time

 ⛽️ Gasoline Alley is the longest running comic strip in the US, and since its characters age in real time, the lead character, Walt, is now 116 years old.

 💻 We call him Bobby but his fancy name is Robert Krut

 📕 Even though nothing rhymes in it, it's a good idea to order Bobby's latest book, The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All On Fire direct from the publisher

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